Mind Your Maintenance With Confidence and Ease Thanks to Honda Maintenance Minder

When you choose to purchase a new Honda, you're signing up not only for an easier and more enjoyable commute each day, but for a simplified ownership experience as it pertains to routine maintenance, too. Honda Maintenance Minder takes virtually all of the confusion and guesswork out of regular services your Honda requires in order to continue to deliver the degree of performance and safety for which the automaker is renowned.

Here's how it works. When you see an illuminated icon in the shape of a wrench on your dash or MID screen, your car is communicating to you that it's due for service. The system as a whole actively measures and reports various readings and sensor points in your vehicle to determine when the very best time is to head in service.

In the past, most drivers were told the general rule of thumb that a car's oil needs to be changed after x amount of miles or y number of months; and while general guidelines can be helpful, your personal driving style and schedule--as well as the condition of your model car--can vastly impact when is the best time for you to change your oil--and that may well be more often or less frequently than the rough estimation you've always been taught.

For example, your engine works at higher temperatures on all of your short and hilly trips, and especially in stop and go traffic, so if you encounter any of these kinds of circumstances on your daily commute, your oil will likely need replacing more often than others in the Citrus Heights, Roseville, Antelope, Sacramento, Carmichael area. Failure to oblige by the recommended service intervals can be hugely detrimental, as insufficient or deteriorated oil can result in engine damage or complete failure.

That all being said, both our Maita Honda and Honda Maintenance Minder want to ensure you're having your services conducted in the most efficient manner possible. That's why Maintenance Minder is programmed to group service items together, allowing you to make fewer separate trips to our service center.